Mobile & web app for CNG/BioCNG stations: the easy way to fill up on natural gas

Mobile and web application CNG stations

Your travelling companion, wherever you are in Europe

  • View stations in real-time where you are

Are you looking to refuel your vehicle?  
Check out our interactive map and find your nearest available station

  • Book your visit

Save time by booking your fuel online, ensuring it's available when you arrive at the station. 

  • Enhance your client/user experience

Take advantage of offers through the MOBIGREEN app and earn rewards by booking via your mobile. 

MOBIGREEN application, CNG stations

Advantages for fleet managers

Manage fuel consumption accounts

Negotiate refueling contracts with station operators

Manage the fuel consumption of your car fleet

MOBIGREEN, your CNG and BIOGN mobile application

Advantages for station operators

  • Enhanced visibility through the app’s SEO 
  • Boost customer numbers using the booking system
  • Evaluate client satisfaction using the app’s rating system 
  • Develop partnerships with fleet managers
  • Automated account billing

MobiGreen application available on Google Play
MobiGreen application available on Apple Store