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Biomethane / RNG - Turning waste into energy

A range of benefits

The production of Biomethane / RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) gives a second life to our waste while producing local, renewable energy.

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Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

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100% renewable energy, moving away from fossil fuels

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All types of waste can be reused

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Creates local, non-relocatable jobs

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Produces natural fertiliser

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Supports farmers by creating a local circular economy

Innovative solutions for Biomethane / RNG production

At PRODEVAL, we have developed tried and tested technology for Biogas treatment and upgrading, covering the entire Biomethane / RNG production process: drying, pressurisation, remediation, filtration, odorization. 

VALOPUR - a wide range of Biogas treatment and Biomethane / RNG production solutions

Our VALOPUR unit converts Biogas from the Anaerobic Digestion of organic waste into Biomethane / RNG, ready to be injected into the national natural gas network.

The VALOPUR range is compatible with different types of installations, from 40 Nm3/h to 1,870 Nm3/h Biogas flow

Installations are fully equipped and linked to a programmable logic controller, with an innovative program developed by PRODEVAL optimising performance

In 2014, PRODEVAL pioneered a membrane upgrading process for Biogas. This involves the use of high-performance EVONIK SEPURAN® membranes, which boast upgrading efficiency in excess of 99.5%.

Biogas membrane cleaning

Each facility will have its own specifications and expectations. With this in mind, our engineers offer personalised projects centred around efficient solutions which best meet the needs of operators.

Biogas treatment

Automation delivers unique ease of use, featuring:

  • A monitoring tool letting you view all operating parameters in real-time
  • The option of controlling these parameters remotely (either by the operator or by PRODEVAL support)
 PRODEVAL supports clients
Optimize performance

VALOPUR - plus points

  • Efficiency: the membrane filtration process, combined with PRODEVAL instruments, delivers flexibility while continuously maximizing injection capacity
  • A clean solution: membrane filtration doesn’t use water or any chemical products
  • Quality: the Biomethane / RNG VALOPUR produces meets national quality and pressure standards
  • A proven solution: the membrane upgrading system developed by PRODEVAL is tried and tested, with more than 375 installations operational worldwide.
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Providing tailored solutions in a wide range of sectors

Agriculture and livestock

Agriculture and livestock farming  

Landfill sites

Landfills (non-hazardous waste)

Wastewater treatment WWTP

Wastewater treatment (sewage sludge)

Industrial and agri-food waste

Industrial and agribusiness waste

Household and food waste

Household and food waste  

Waste from the paper industry

Waste from the papery industry

At PRODEVAL, we offer an extensive range of Biogas treatment and Biomethane / RNG production solutions

VALOPUR Biogas treatment and upgrading unit

In 2014, PRODEVAL pioneered a membrane Biogas upgrading process. 

This involves the use of high-performance EVONIK SEPURAN® membranes, which boast purification efficiency in excess of 99.5%. 

Discover the Biogas treatment and upgrading process