Upgrading Biogas plants

The Retrofit service carries out system improvement works on biogas upgrading units in operation, in order to support operators in their development projects.

These upgrade operations enable biogas recovery installations to increase their production capacity, to be even more efficient and reliable, in order to sustain the activity of the operators.

The benefits of retrofit

Performace Improvement

Optimization of the upgrading process, addition or replacement of equipment.

Capacity increase

Sizing and implementation of extensions for upgrading units of all brands.


Regulatory updates, automation and piping services, relocation of entire units.

Customer satisfaction

Personalized approach tailored to the specific needs of the installation, site, and client.


Our teams accompany you throughout your project:

  • Studying and understanding your needs
  • Sizing you project in our design office
  • Submission of a quotation
  • Preparing and carrying out the work
  • Commissioning
  • Updating of overall project documentation
  • After-sales transmission and maintenance contract update

A response to various evolution needs:


  • System optimization works: capacity increase for injection, energy savings, optimization of electrical consumption...
  • Bringing installations into compliance in response to regulatory changes
  • Automation of upgrading units from various brands for maintenance takeover and technical support
  • Acquisition and provision of reconditioned equipment (compressors, drying/surpression skids): refurbishment according to PRODEVAL expertise and recommendations for reinstallation on-site
  • Unit relocation (dismantling, transportation, and recommissioning) and technical support for unit relocation
  • Installation of additional equipment (cogeneration engines for self-consumption of electricity...) to ensure the sustainability of biomethane production activity and support the business plan.