• Valopur - Trentino


Biomethane / RNG Odorization

The VALODOR unit is designed to odorize Biomethane / RNG as it exits the Biogas upgrading unit, ensuring that it conforms to the standards required for injection into the natural gas network in France.

THT (tetrahydrothiophene) is the compound used for odorization. Part of the Biomethane / RNG is channeled towards the VALODOR unit before being saturated with THT. Then, Biomethane / RNG is mixed back in with the main flow in order to achieve the concentration outlined in the network standard. 

Treatment of pollutants
Injection into the gas network

VALODOR - advantages

Simple integration into the VALOPUR Biogas upgrading process

Rapid stabilization of the desired THT content

Accuracy of the THT content in Biomethane / RNG

No losses during injection as a result of shutting down and starting back up again