Operational support

Monitoring and optimization for your installation

Our job is to ensure your installation runs smoothly. Our technicians and engineers will be on-hand to provide advice and carry out audits in order to ensure your installation is in proper working order, regardless of its origin. 

Post-handover work

  • We have a design office specializing in “non-standard” projects, enabling us to handle any specific requirements you may have.
  • We carry out engineering studies for adding to or improving existing equipment
  • Installation assessment 
  • Set-up
work after acceptance

Analyzing potential and on-site expert analysis

Design brief drafted with clients

Expert analysis and installation optimization

Monitoring and review of operations

Monitoring and operational analysis

  • Process reports and automatic analysis
  • Operating recommendations from a process engineer
  • Surveys carried out for all types of requests
  • Key indicators tracked every day and entered into a tracking table
  • Performance reports on your installation provided by one of our technical experts at the end of each month
  • Tables are generated automatically using the indicators that you want to see

Installation optimization

Support from one of our experts

Interpretation of indicators

Accurate indicators generated automatically

Analysis and leak testing

  • A full analysis of your Biogas, including a detailed report on its composition. 
  • Leak testing, even for the smallest leaks. An ATEX thermal imaging camera is used to check for any methane leaks.
Leakage analysis and detection service

Checks to make sure your installation is running smoothly

Preventing your installation from deteriorating

Optimizing installation efficiency

Potential savings