• Valopur - Trentino


Biomethane / RNG production using membrane technology

After the digester and pretreatment process, the compressed gas undergoes further filtration within the VALOPUR unit. This is a compact unit housed within a pre-equipped container and composed of three stages of membranes which separate CO2 from CH4 (patented EVONIK process).
This system allows to produce Biomethane / RNG compliant to network specifications, with upgrading efficiency up to 99.5%. Once purified, Biomethane / RNG is channeled towards the grid injection station which is connected to the natural gas network.

The three stages membrane system deliver operational flexibility, ensure optimal upgrading efficiency across the unit’s operating range.


Biomethane production
VPUR Membrane purification

VALOPUR - Advantages

Automatically adapts to variations in Biogas flow or composition, maximizing injection capacity

A simple and reliable system, with 3 membrane levels maximizing purification efficiency

Scalable, additional membranes can be added in order to increase the installation's capacity in the future

Membranes are resistant to unwanted pollutants (including H2S)