CO2 Reuse

CO2 Capture for industrial use

Biogas produced by Anaerobic Digestion contains mainly methane (CH4 - 50 to 70%) and carbon dioxide (CO2 - 30 to 45%). 

Following the upgrading of Biogas into Biomethane the stream usually released into the atmosphere - called "off-gas" - contains about 99% CO2 and 1% CH4

V'COOL unit liquefies this CO2 while recovering the residual methane which can be returned to Biogas plant. 

CO2 Reuse

Why reuse CO2?

  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions 
  • To capture the last methane residues in the "off-gas" and to optimize the plant's upgrading efficiency as much as possible
  • To market bio-CO2 to various industries, such as agriculture and food processing ...

“Green CO2” used in different industries

The technology developed by PRODEVAL meets the needs of various sectors of activity such as:

2 - Agriculture.png


for cultivation in greenhouses

5 - Agro-alimentaire.png

Food industry

for freezing, food preservation, beverage carbonation etc.

3 - Matériaux.png


for picking metal parts, additives (manufacture of particle filters)

6 - Chimie.png


for supercritical fluid extraction/chromatography, cryogenic grinding, carbonating agent

4 - Procédés transverses.png

Transversal Processes

for cooling purposes, laser technology, arc welding, etc.

7 - Autres activités.png

And many other uses

such as smoked effects with dry ice, anti-limescale treatment, dry ice for extinguishers, propellants for aerosols

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