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Electrical self-consumption

The self-consumption by cogeneration module has been specifically developed for a Biogas application (anaerobic digestion installations…), to allow the Biogas sites to be in total or partial electrical self-consumption and thermal self-sufficiency.

The process aims to supply a highly-efficient cogeneration engine with dried and treated Biogas (H2S, VOCs, Siloxanes) to provide an alternative solution to the current energy market context.

This Plug and Play solution integrates itself with all the technologies already on site. Our team ensures the assembly, installation, commissioning, and, complete maintenance of the cogeneration.

An alternative solution to the current energy market context:

  • Turnkey equipment, autonomous and sized to the electrical consumption of a Biogas site
  • 2 in 1 application: for 1 kWh electricity produced = 1 kWh heat generated
  • Containerized unit for quick set up and commissioning
  • Modular solution on demand
  • Production cost per MWh of electricity secured over 15 years

Advantages of self-consumption solution

Biomethane / RNG carbon intensity reduction

Units do use electricity, often produced from fossil energy or nuclear one. This solution allows clean biomethane / RNG production without using non-renewable energy sources.

Energetic resilience and self-sufficiency

This electrical self-consumption solution is allowing to produce half of the operator’ unit power supply or entirely.

A proficient expertise and renowned aftersales service

2G energy and PRODEVAL, two international entities, strongly structured, reliable, owing to their high technologies.

To increase the resilience of facilities to energy price fluctuations, the electrical self-consumption solution, supported by a partnership between 2G Energy and PRODEVAL, aims to sustain biogas upgrading systems while reducing the carbon footprint of biomethane / RNG, for a more virtuous production of this renewable energy.


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