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Electrical self-consumption

2G Energy and PRODEVAL partnership

To increase the economic activity servicing face to the fluctuating energy prices, 2G Energy and PRODEVAL, key players in the international field join their expertise. This partnership aims to sustain biogas upgrading systems while reducing the carbon footprint of biomethane. Producing virtuously the renewable energy of tomorrow.

2G Energy - An international company specialized in combined heat and power generation systems

2G Energy is one of the main leading international manufacturers of combined heat and power (CHP) systems for the decentralised power and heat supplies, based on natural gas-fired engines, biomethane, biogas or hydrogen.

Since its creation in 1995, 2G Energy has set up more than 6 500 units across the world.

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Cogeneration and biogas upgrading systems are an essential part of the energy transition. Since biogas upgrading to biomethane do require an electrical supply connection, the partnership between 2G Energy and PRODEVAL, naturally took place to acquit this self-consumption solution, allowing it to provide half of the operator’ unit power supply or entirely.

Our solutions allow at once to reduce biomethane carbon intensity and increase energetic resilience of our clients’ units.

The commercialization of the 2G modules, connected to one another and managed simultaneously, will be able to meet a strong demand from the sector in terms of environmental challenges and network stability during periods of high energy need. The goal of producing greener energy using a biogas engine, aims to provide economic sustainability and guarantee safeties throughout the life of the unit.


High added value within biomethane production units thanks to:

  • Green energy production
  • Economic activity servicing
  • Safety production during the entire lifetime of the unit

Advantages of self-consumption solution

Biomethane carbon intensity reduction

Units do use electricity, often produced from fossil energy or nuclear one. This solution allows clean biomethane production without using non-renewable energy sources.

Energetic resilience and self-sufficiency

This electrical self-consumption solution is allowing to produce half of the operator’ unit power supply or entirely.

A proficient expertise and renowned aftersales service

2G energy and PRODEVAL, two international entities, strongly structured, reliable, owing to their high technologies.

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