PRODEVAL, expertise in 100% renewable energy

We are PRODEVAL, a French company which is a leader in the treatment and upgrading of Biogas from the Anaerobic Digestion of organic waste. 
An independent and human scale company, we have expanded our skills over the past thirty years, providing our clients with solutions tailored to their needs for Biomethane production and distribution. 
The company has been given further impetus by the energy transition and the fight against climate change. We are convinced of the importance of cutting greenhouse gas emissions through ever more innovative and responsible Biogas and BioCNG solutions, in line with environmental targets. 

PRODEVAL has established a prominent position for itself in the development of the Biogas and bioCNG sector, both in Europe and worldwide.

Prodeval Président
Sébastien PAOLOZZI Prodeval Président

“Everyone has a role to play at their own level in the fight against climate change.
At PRODEVAL, our employees find it rewarding working day in, day out to deliver innovative solutions in response to current environmental challenges.
This is also about protecting our planet for future generations and for our children, setting an example in the here and now. As globalization continues apace, we believe the future lies in renewable energy produced locally.
Our job is to deliver concrete, responsible solutions that will get us closer to that goal.” 


PRODEVAL, playing a leading role in the developement of the Biogas and BioCNG sector, both in europe and worldwide

The Biogas sector has been crucial to the energy and environmental transition for a number of years now.

Endless reuse and recovery create a virtuous circle which will slow down climate change. This energy, agricultural and economic resource is vital to our ecosystem, turning organic waste into a type of 100% renewable gas - Biomethane - which can either be injected back into the natural gas network or used as BioCNG (Compressed Natural Gas).

At PRODEVAL, we deliver services and solutions which draw on our engineering expertise: 

  • Transforming Biogas into Biomethane 
  • Recovery of CO2
  • Production and distribution of CNG / BioCNG

Our values


Honesty, respect and integrity are our core values, guiding our professional conduct. We are committed to being as transparent as possible in order to build trust with our clients, our partners and our staff.


Our values are deeply rooted in our identity, and we strive every day to adhere to them and improve ourselves. Not only do we develop turnkey solutions for the production of green energy but respecting our environment and our human commitments is central to everything we do.

Commitment to service

Our clients are our number one concern. Our primary objective is to be there for clients, delivering maximum satisfaction by providing advice and support throughout their projects and training when it comes to running their site. At PRODEVAL, the client always comes first.


For the past three decades, we have identified innovative, tailored solutions to meet the needs of our clients and to tackle problems linked to Biogas, showing kindness, respect and humility. We know where we’ve come from and what still lies ahead of us.


We are constantly on the look-out for new solutions and new products as we seek to serve our clients and play our part in the energy transition, forcing us to innovate every day. Our employees are always one step ahead, with ambitious projects to meet the needs of our clients.

Key figures

employees in 2024
M€ turnover in 2023
tonnes of CO2 emissions prevented per year
Nm3/h of Biomethane injected back into the network - Equivalent to 28 312 SCFM
subsidiaries worldwide
countries worldwide

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