• Valopur - Trentino


Pollutant capture and treatment unit

After a first pretreatment process, the VALOPACK filtration unit is designed to extract pollutants (H2S, siloxanes, VOCs) from Biogas before continuing with the upgrading process, using two activated carbon filter tanks. 

There is also a 3 µm dust filter located after the activated carbon filters, preventing dust from spreading after load changes.

The type of activated carbon is chosen based on the concentration of each pollutant in the Biogas (dealing specifically with H2S or VOCs).

VALOPACK - Pollutant capture unit

VALOPACK - Advantages

Lead-lag assembly: Possibility of reversing the direction of gas flow in the filters to improve the quantity of pollutants retained by the activated carbons and to optimize the loading rate

Optimal filtration and continuous operation

H2S measurements between filters: Continuous monitoring of loading rates and anticipation of activated carbon renewal