2G ENERGY and PRODEVAL working together to market an electrical self-consumption solution ont the global biogas upgrading market

Press release 05 May 2022

Co-generation and Biogas upgrading systems are the highlight of the energy transition. Because biogas upgrading to Biomethane equipment do need an electrical supply connection, the partnership between 2G Energy and PRODEVAL, naturally took place to acquit this self-consumption solution, allowing it to provide half of the operator’ unit power supply or entirely. Our solution shall reduce, at the same time, Biomethane carbon intensity and increase energetic resilience of our customer’ units. 

The commercialization of the 2G modules, connected to one another and managed simultaneously, will be able to meet a strong demand from the sector in terms of environmental challenges and network stability during periods of high energy need. The goal of producing greener energy using a Biogas engine, aims to provide economic sustainability and guarantee safeties throughout the life of the unit. 

An expert partnership at the service of the environment

The goal shared between 2G Energy and PRODEVAL is leaning towards a development of solutions that lessens Biomethane carbon intensity. The plants’ power consumptions are often produced from nuclear of fossil energy sources. We had to offer an answer to produce clean Biomethane without using non-renewable energies. 

This French-German union of advanced technologies, from 2G Energy and PRODEVAL, contributes to the development of 100% renewable and sustainable solutions. 

Impressive yield and protection of the environment

Co-generation implies at once, electricity and heat. Electricity has self-consumed on site or has been directly injected to the power network. The heat produced will then be used to heat up, cool down or create steam. Thus, the heat from power generation isn’t unnecessarily released into the atmosphere, as large power plants do, but instead is recovered for practical uses. This explains why co-generation systems are cost effective, while lessening the impact on global climate. It helps to save more than 40 % of primary energy. CO2 emissions are then scaled down to 60 % in comparison to traditional power production made from big fossil energy centrals. 

Biogas cogeneration units increase the efficiency of biomethane production

Biogas cogeneration units increase the efficiency of biomethane production 
Source: 2G Energy AG

VALOPUR solution, the reference of Biogas upgrading systems

PRODEVAL has designed and developed VALOPUR, a proven technology to treat and upgrade Biogas, covering the entire Biomethane production process such as:  drying, gas over pressuring, depollution, filtration and odorization. More than 200 plants are in operation in France and abroad, meeting both national and international injections standards. The pressure and quality of the injection process offers flexibility to operators in continuously maximizing their injection capacity.

A service customer oriented

For more than 30 years, PRODEVAL has shown the high quality and services of its products on the Biogas treatment and valorisation sector. 
Today, PRODEVAL offers a range of services dedicated to its customers, a committed operational service composed of more than 100 people, including maintenance, 24/7 hotline centre and a service accompanying operators directly on their sites in all territories.

Sébastien PAOLOZZI, CEO of PRODEVAL: « PRODEVAL seeks to implement solutions to reduce carbon intensity and ensure the business plan of our clients. In addition to all the actions we are taking, I thought it was obvious to offer an electrical self-consumption solution. In the current period we are living in, and the upcoming one, it is even more justified to act against the energy crisis we are going through. To do this, we had to find a partner who had the same values as PRODEVAL’s, so we turned to 2G Energy, which conveys the image of a beautiful ETI, oriented towards customer satisfaction, superior materials and quality services supplies. Today, we are very proud to announce a partnership between PRODEVAL and 2G Energy around self-consumption. »

Referenced 2G products

2G modules have proven themselves form many years. They are designed and manufactured in Germany, known for their, advanced and reliable technologies, 2G Energy provides its customers with an after-sales service 7/7, 24/24 and offers a local and proficient across France. 

Christian Grotholt, CEO of 2G ENERGY: «The required global energy transition and the current political situation in particular show that we have to consistently overcome our dependence on fossil raw materials. Due to the resulting loss of fossil-fuelled power plant capacity, we need demand-based highly dynamic and highly efficient power plants that can be operated with green gas in order to ensure climate-neutral supply security. We are pleased to expand our network with our new partner Prodeval which is a pioneer in biomethane production. Together with them we continue positioning CHP technology as the regenerative backbone of the energy transition.»

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